Our Mission:

Camp Or L’Dor is a spiritually transforming and Yeshua-centered encounter for Jewish teens. Our mission is to empower a generation of young Messianic Jews to be passionate about Yeshua and Jewish living and to commit deeply to the future of our Messianic Jewish movement.

Why we do what we do:

We believe in the empowerment and in the future of young Messianic Jews. By providing a two week summer camp we hope to inspire, build up and strengthen a deep dedication to Messiah Yeshua and Jewish living. As a team of young Messianic Jewish adults, it is our desire to impart healthy leadership skills, understanding of Jewish life, and a deep love and devotion to Messiah into the next generation. Camp Or L’Dor believes in the mission and authenticity of Messianic Judaism and it is our greatest desire to see a camp that will inspire a continued, better balanced movement of strong young people dedicated to the Messiah.

What we provide:

Camp provides a two week summer camp for Messianic Jewish teens between the ages of 13-18. During that time we also provide a leadership training program for young adults ages 18-20 who help lead the younger teens in programs and other activities. With eight to twelve trained counselors and four full-time staff members camp provides a safe and empowering environment for Messianic Jewish to come together, bond and learn about Jewish living centered on Messiah. In addition to physical activities, creative arts, drama, camp fires, and Messianic Jewish learning we also provide a 3-day adventure camping trip. A special part of camp is our leadership training program for young adults ages18-20. Here we utilize our well trained counselor team in one-on-one sessions with our leadership program. With an everyday conversations and intentional mentoring during camp we empower our leadership team to step up during camp, lead the younger teens and learn valuable leadership skills that can only be learned through one-on-one mentorship. Every leadership teen leaves camp empowered to take on leadership position in their local community. Over time, and with hiring full time staff members, we hope to help congregations develop this program within their own communities to encourage the and nurture their young adults with leadership roles within their local communities.  

More than just camP:

Part of Or L'Dors vision is to inspire teens to get outside in a world that is becoming more and more distant from the nature God gave us. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach said that "if you want to see G-d, go out in nature." Today’s fast paced, highly stimulated lifestyle leaves little room for asking the important questions and for seeking G-d. We’ve found that when they “unplug” and get outdoors for a concentrated period of time, their spiritual world opens up. This is why camp is centered around a three night backpacking/canoe camping trip in the wilderness, away from all the devices and the comforts of modern day living. This challenging outdoor encounter cultivates an atmosphere where our youth can seek G-d and build stronger relationships with each other. During this time we hand the reigns over to our leadership teens and watch as both them and the teens learn to take on leadership roles, learn outdoor survival skills and learn how to work together as a team. Each year we are more impressed with our young people’s ingenuity, insight and leadership.



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