Counselors: We want you! 


  1. New applicants must be between 20-30 years old. Exceptions can be made as needed for alumni campers who are seeking to be counselors. Returning counselors may continue after age 30 on a case by case basis.

  2. While our counselors do not need to have a complete understanding of Messianic Judaism or come to camp with all of their personal spiritual questions answered, it is important that they have made a life commitment to following Yeshua as the Messiah in a Jewish context. Also, they need to have undergone the tevilah or Immersion in water into the larger community of Yeshua. (If a prospective counselor has not been immersed, he or she may agree to do so during camp that year.)

  3. A counselor should be in basic agreement with the material and concepts that we teach at Camp Or L'Dor.

  4. Counselors must be Jewish according to the Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Counsel’s (MJRC) Standards, “Who is a Jew?" On rare occasions an exception may be made based on the specific needs of camp, or if a person is currently in the process of, or seriously considering a formal conversion to Judaism under MJRC guidelines.

  5. A counselor should be comfortable identifying as a Messianic Jew and be engaged with the Messianic Jewish community. Preferably, our Or L'Dor counselors are connected with a Messianic Jewish Synagogue and are actively seeking to live out a Jewish life through the Messiah.

  6. A counselor needs to model mature living, active leadership, and good decision making and relational skills. He or she should be able to mentor, encourage and support the teens.  

  7. A counselor should able to lead cabin prayers and devotionals and utilize his or her skills as needs arise, such as  teaching and leading services. Everyone brings different skills and gifts to camp. What is important is that he/she is willing to share them!

  8. Prior camp experience, outdoor education, and/or camp counselor training can be very helpful. At times, prior certification in first-aid or other areas may be necessary should our camp need additional personnel who are qualified in these areas.

  9. Counselors must be able to get excited about all camp activities and participate fully in all camp activities including the overnight camping trip.


Please complete the following application to be considered for being a camp counselor at Camp Or L'Dor 2018. Additionally, we will need: Two letters of recommendation, preferably one from your Rabbi and another from someone of your choosing (teacher, employer, etc.). Please email all information to Thanks!!