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We're glad to be seeing at camp! Before you get here though, we need to straighten some things out :)

Step 1

Fulfill Tuition

Payment - by July 21

Please use the button on the left to fulfill tuition for camp this year.

In the email you received will be specific instructions on the amount required. Please enter this amount when fulfilling the tuition.

Step 2


We're sorry there are so many forms, but cheer up, a little paperwork never killed anybody.

Step 3

Email or Snail Mail - By July 21

Please email the filled out forms to and make sure to include the subject: Forms for (insert camper's name)

Alternatively please contact to obtain the mailing address you need to mail your hard copy of the forms.


Only one set of completed forms are needed, either a digital or hard copy.

Step 4

Pack! You've got lots of fun ahead of you!